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ZonePlay is a skill based live action gaming destination for fans to compete in single day online games for cash and prizes. We are currently running MLB baseball contests during the rest of the regular season and Playoffs. ZonePlay was founded by MLB pitcher Ryan Webb and based on games he played with teammates to help study and prepare for opponents.

Yes. All ZonePlay contests are free to enter.

Yes. At the homepage simply register with your email and enjoy free contests and eligibility for cash and prizes.

Games are listed in the lobby and arranged according to date and time. Just click on a game to enter, you may enter prior to the game and select a zone for the first batter prior to the start of the game.

Prior to an at bat, click the select zones button and pick the 3 zones you think strikes will occur during an at bat. The 3rd zone you select should match the zone you think a batter will strike out in. Points and prizes are awarded for correct predictions.

See our official contest rules for an in depth explanation of the rules and prizes.

Yes. Once you click "submit", your zones are saved for that batter for the current inning AND future at bats in other innings. You have the option to change the zones by clicking the "select zones" button next time that batter is on deck.

No. You must make 3 different zone selections to compete.

There are 3 ways to win prizes:
  • The Grand Prize ($500,000 USD) is offered to any contestant who matches all 9 of their selections, including the "strike out" pitch, during an inning in which the pitcher strikes out the side.
  • A $5,000 prize is awarded for correctly predicting six (6) consecutive strike out locations in a row during one game. The strike out location must match your 3rd zone you select when entering your zones for a batter.
  • You may also win prizes (TBD) for competing in and winning a "challenge" that takes place during the course of the game.
In the event there are multiple winners of the above cash prizes, the amount will be evenly split amongst the winners.

See our official contest rules for more details.

Challenges are competitions during the game that take place against contestants and "Special Guests". These Guests include experts and former MLB players. To win you must finish with the most points during the challenge competition. Challenges will last for one (1) inning and may take place multiple times during a game. To enter a challenge you must submit request to enter using the Live Chat button displayed at the bottom right of your screen. Text your ZonePlay user name and the phrase "enter challenge" in the live chat to submit a entry request. Challengers are selected by the order in which a request is received. Challengers may also be invited at the request of a Special Guest, so be sure to look out for invites on social media.

Challenge contestants will be displayed in a special section above the leaderboard. Your points will start at 0 for the beginning of the challenge, and when the challenge ends your points will be added to the number of points you had prior to entry. Points earned during normal play are for display purposes only and do not win you any prizes.

  • 1 point is earned when a strike is thrown into a zone you selected.
  • 3 points are earned if you correctly predict a strike out with your 3rd zone selection.
Its important to note that points and the leaderboard are for display purposes only, and with the exception of winning a challenge, scoring the most points during a contest does NOT make you a winner of any prize.

We use a data feed from Sportradar to determine pitch locations. All locations are updated in real time as quickly as they are available. Pitch locations are considered final.

Yes! Invite all of your friends using the “Invite Friends” button found on the gameplay screen.

ZonePlay prohibits users from opening up more than one account, in order to ensure fair play and uphold the integrity of our contests. If for some reason you forget your password or username please contact and an agent will be happy to assist you with retrieving that information.

Please note: if the same individual sets up multiple accounts, ZonePlay will deactivate all accounts except one, and any potential winnings may not be honored from all accounts. Any accounts that are set up illegitimately will be deactivated and winnings will not be honored.

In the event a pinch hitter enters the game, the zones you selected from the previous on-deck batter will be automatically transferred to the pinch hitter. If you have time to change the zones you may opt to do so.

We would love to hear your questions. Please submit them using the live chat feature located at the bottom right of the screen.
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